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Campaign 44 Ends in Victory / 75th Returns Allied / Dryk's Infantry Guide / Jump till Ya Drop / 75th Receives Award from GHC 06/17/08

group shotCampaign 44 has come to a victorious close! With the 75th Guards leading the way, the beleaguered forces of the Axis were able to achieve victory of their Allied counterparts. All members of the 75th should be proud for the role they played in pushing the map westward! In addition to the friendships and ties the 75th made while playing Axis, the squad was also recognized by GHC for its outstanding performance, receiving the Axis Meritorious Service Cross from German High Command. The award thread can be viewed at the CRS Axis area by clicking here. Well done 75th, you earned it!

With Campaign 44 concluded, the 75th Guards are returning home to the Allied side! That's right ladies and gentlemen, all of those friends we just made... It's time to blow them away! As part of our transition back tot he Allied forces, the 75th will be returning to the Allied TS server. All of the information can be found here. Please ensure that if you have not yet applied and set up your account with the Allied TS that you do so soon.

In battle related news, the 75th hit the La Fere - Laon FB, and hit it hard. The Allies were pushing Laon, and in an effort to help save the town, the 75th set out to take away their FB. Several para drops were organized along with ground based mobile spawns. Everyone did their part, especially that ninja of ninjas, Nero316. The fight for the La Fere - Laon FB was a hard battle, resulting in extremely high casualties, but even so, Laon was ultimately saved! The full AAR can be found here.

A new guide has been added to our download section. Dryk a.k.a Master of Awesomeness has created a close quarter combat guide based on modern infantry tactics. The guide may use modern tactics, but it very much applies in the many urban situations found within WW2Online. The guide, along with any questions or comments, can be found here. Amazing job Dryk!

As a reminder to all, squad night happens every Friday night S! (not mandatory)


S! to All Our New Members !

  • Oznick
  • Arcon88
  • Shifty66
  • Grunt509


All New Recruits

Welcome to the 75th! As a new recruit, you must meet two crucial requirements to become a full squad member.

First, all new recruits must join the 75th's forum. The forum can be accessed through the navigation menu to the left or through the forum link at the top of the page. Our forum is one of our key communication tools. On the forum, you will find information on a wide range of topics, from our squad tactics and strategies, to experience and advice from long time players. The forum is also used for announcements and of course the occassional busting of balls.

Second, is the use of Teamspeak. Teamspeak is our in-game communication tool. Teamspeak requires a microphone to transmit. For ideal performance, a headset is the best solution, as it will cut down on distortion and increase the squad's ability to understand each other. Teamspeak can be downloaded for free at http://www.teamspeak.com . The teamspeak specifics, such as the server password and address are located in the training area of our forum. Alternatively, you can ask on the in-game chat. Once these two requirements have been met, full membership will be granted.

- Coldwind ( jmiller2@tulane.edu )
C.O. 75th Guards


75th Salutes Phatom77 / 75th Going back Allied / Rook12 Promoted to Squad 2nd X.X.O. / 75th Holds Elsloo - Sittard FB to the End 05/08/08

The past months have been intense. As the battles rage on throughout WW2Online, the 75th Guards have been showing the Axis how it's done. The 75th were at their finest during the battle for the Elsloo - Sittard FB. Outnumbered, outgunned, and being pummeled by enemy air, the 75th held on for dear life. The Allies sent several enemy tanks to attack the FB, but each time they were fouled by the teamwork and coordination of the 75th. Dalzielx flamed several enemy tanks, but more importantly, Dalzielx did an instrumental of spreading out AA guns and supply ammunition. Furthermore, Nero316 and Mikedown coordinated their efforts wonderfully, which resulted in the destruction of several enemy tanks. Read the full AAR here.

The 75th was proud to attend Phatom77's retirement ceremony. Phatom77, while not a member of the 75th, was a respected and honorable adversary. The 75th all wishes Phatom77 the best and hopes for his success in all his future endeavors. Farewell Phatom77, and if you ever return to the game, look us up.

In other news, the 75th Guards will be returning to the Allied side at the end of the current map (44). The decision has been made, but all members of the 75th are encouraged to voice their opinions in the announcement area. The announcement can be found here.

The 75th Command Staff is proud to announce that Rook12 has been promoted to Squad 2nd X.X.O. The promotion is a result of Rook12's large dedication to working with new recruits, his knowledge of game mechanics, and most of all, his ability to organize and coordinate the squad as a team. Congratulations Rook12! The full announcement can be found here.


75th and 54th Crush Veghel / Epic battle over Spincourt / Jaws leads the way / Mortar Guide Added 04/01/08

The past month has seen many marvelous developments. First on our list is the successful joint operation between the 75th and the 54th to take Veghel. The battle lasted for more then two hours, included several para drops, spawnable caps, spawnable loses, and recaps. The forces of the two squads worked marvelously together and crushed all Axis opposition. Read more about the joint operation here.

Jaws909 ran his first OIC squad night. He did an excellent job and led the 75th through several quick clean up manuvers, saving both AHCs butt and creating a heck of a good time. Read more about it from Jaws909's AAR here.

The 75th caused one hell of a ruckus at Spincourt. Spincourt had been quiet for several hours, but when the 75th decided it was time to take it, all hell erupted. Both the AHC and GHC made Spincourt their priority target once they saw how quickly the fight was escalating. At one point, supplies became so low that the 75th had to divide up and take out FBs to help flood the town. Read more about it here.

At the suggestion of Nero316, a mortar guide was found and added to our downloads section. You can access the guide by going to our downloads area. Good idea Nero!


The 75th takes Haamstede from the skies / "Jawsburg's" first film / Allied Victory! / 75th is now 30 + strong! / Jaws909 Promoted to X.X.O. 02/23/08

The Allied forces have achieved victory! That's right, campaign #42 has ended, and we rocked the Axis hard! Great job everyone, it was a hard fought win.

In addition, we are no longer that "newly formed squad." You should all be very proud to know that we have earned a reputation, both among AHC and the Allied player base in general. The 75th received more Allied 911 calls from AhC then I can remember. AHC knows that we're a team and we're lethal. Our numerous victorious over the past campaign has only strengthened our reputation and respect server wide. Well goddamn done!

It is my pleasure to announce that Jaws909 has been promoted to X.X.O. of the 75th Guards. Congratulations Jaws909, you're going to do an awesome job! Check out the announcement post here.

Our squad night on February 22nd was a big success. The 75th successfully took Haamstede. It was a hard fought victory requiring numerous para drops. The Axis put up one hell of a fight through the use of defensive MSs and dedicated CP clearers. Unfortunately the determination of the Guards is not something to toy with. Read more here and find out how that determination led to the Axis being booted from Haamstede.

The squad has also had its first silver screen debut. Our very own Jaws909 or "Jawsburg" if you will, put together an amazing video featuring the squad in all its glory. Amazing job Jaws, truly, an outstanding job!


The 75th Guards has grown to 30+ members! Go Guards!


The 75th rocks the Axis' world at Foucarmont 01/12/08

Here is the first update of the New Year, and what an update it is!

Foremost on the list is the 75th's assault on Foucarmont. With our backs up against the Atlantic Ocean, the 75th viciously surged forward at the Axis, taking the Axis town of Foucarmont against all odds. The battle was long and bloody, but ended with an Allied victory that will be remembered by all for a very long time. Everyone did an excellent job, from Gaven and his moling of the east side of town, to PvtMaloo who mercilessly cut down the Axis hordes from his tank. The battle culminated with the AHC recognizing the 75th for its outstanding job of pushing the Axis back when no one thought it was possible. Read the full AAR here.

We also have a new squad record to announce. PvtMaloo has broken Nero316's old record of 29 confirmed kills in a single sortie. PvtMaloo scored 55 (Yes, FIFTY FIVE goddamned kills) confirmed kills in one sortie during the Foucarmont attack, and is thus the 75th Guard's new record holder for number of kills in a single sortie. You can view pics of PvtMaloo’s sortie here. Well done PvtMaloo!


75th kicks three brigades out of Noyon / Epic Defense at Namur / Paradropping Precission 12/28/07

It has been a busy last couple of weeks for the 75th, but a couple of busy weeks that we should all be very proud of.

The squad has continued to grow in size. The 75th can boasts 28 members to its name. Additionally, several of our recruits have moved from recruit status to full membership. Congratulations to you all. Teamwork, communication, and cooperation have all improved, leading to some very successful operations.

On December 23rd, the 75th assaulted the town of Noyon. Noyon was at the extreme southern end of the Axis flank. A two AB town, Noyon was a large target, garrisoned by two Axis naval brigades. There were not a lot of 75th logged on when the decision to attack was made, but nonetheless the 75th pushed forward valiantly. The Axis quickly discovered what the 75th was up to, and one hell of a fight ensued. Unfortunately for the Axis defenders the 75th’s determination won out, leading to the kicking of three Axis naval brigades to their training grounds. Read all about it in Coldwind’s AAR here.

On December 21st, the 75th pulled an all out epic defense at Namur. Four Axis brigades attacked the strategic hotspot of Namur with the intention of puncturing the Allies’ lines. The 75th however had different plans and held the town against the all out assault. The Axis had three potential spawnables in town, but they could not manage to hold any of them for more then a few minutes. Each member of the 75th gave his all in this engagement. Nero316 along with Hawker14 and Bane92 put up one hell of a defense at the eastern spawnable CP while Jaws909, Kew, and Dal doggedly retook and defended the west side of town. The most heroic moment however, was the charge Eurogeek led to retake the center spawnable CP. We suffered high losses in Eurogeek’s repeated charges, cut his team’s determination won out and saved the town from annihilation. Get all the details and add your own insights here.

December 14th saw Nero316 leading a precision para drop, which annihilated the Axis FB between Longuyon and Longwy. Longuyon was under heavy assault by Axis forces, and as such Nero316 wanted to bust their FB back to the Allied side. Supply in Longuyon was however poor without any sappers available. With the cunning of a jackal, Nero used the Allied FB far to the north of the Axis FB at Longuyon – Longwy to assault the Axis position. Knowing this would be a one way mission because the truck would not be deployable, Nero explained to his men just how important success was. Longwy was a critical frontline town. There were no free brigades that could reinforce it from behind if it fell. Thus, an Axis victory in Longwy would create a whole in the Allies lines that would be swiftly punctured through if the Axis succeeded. As they approached the FB, Kew was given command of the sappers. Using their skill and sheer sneakiness, several charges were placed on the FB’s vehicle and infantry tents. The infantry tents were blown in seconds, but the vehicle tent managed to survive. It still needed one more charge. Nero316 then made a gutsy call. Nero ordered his men to board a plane out of MontF airfield and prepare to be dropped on the hot FB. Five minutes later, five 75th paras fell through the sky towards the vehicle spawn. With the precision landing of elite troops, several of the paras landed directly on top of the vehicle spawn and placed their charges. Read all about it in Nero316’s AAR here.


75th kicks 69th out of Stenay / 75th Grows to 21 Members / 75th Holds Axis hordes at Philipville - Givet FB 12/1/07 CFML

S! Soldiers of the 75th. It has indeed been a busy week for the squad. Our membership has continued to grow. The 75th now has a total of 21 members!

The 75th achieved two stellar victories in recent days. On November 29, members of the 75th kicked the 69th out of Stenay, hurrah! The attack over Stenay was a hard fought engagement, with all the 75th that participated showing true grit and determination. Props to Nero316 who managed to get into the enemy AB bunker and secure it, well done! The "Pirates" were defending Stenay, but the 75th sorely bloodied their noses and took their town from them, but I guess that's what happens when you bring a musket to an SMG fight ! The full AAR with additional details can be found here.

As if that wasn't enough, the 75th again performed heroically against the Axis. With all of the new members meshing together, a solid defense was put up to hold back the Axeis horde's attack on the Allied FB. Wave after wave of Axis were cut down, both on the ground and in the air. Props to the members of the 75th who participated in an amazing defense which last over two hours, and then culminated with a planned bounce back that gave the Axis players ulcers! Go 75th! The "Pirates" were in Givet, but it appears that they were too terrified to chance their luck against the 75th again after the beating they received in Stenay. The full AAR with additional details can be found here.


Guide for Flaps 11/27/07

S! Soldiers of the 75th. We've been busy the last few weeks, both in recruting newe members and punishing the Axis!

We have also found an amazing air instructor in spdycpu. This guy flew circles around me with ease. We are all fortunate to have him as a teacher in the air. A guide has also been added to the message board explaining how to customize your flap change percentages. This will allow you to drop your flaps 25% instead of having to go fully up or fully down. This will greatly increase your ability to dogfight at lower speeds as it provides stability and an increased turning rate.


The 75th Guards is Born 11/09/07

Welcome soldiers to the home of the 75th Guards. The squad is brand new, and as such is still malleable in many ways. The intention of the squad officers is to create a squad based on communication, cooperation, and coordination. Teamwork is one of the cornerstones of the 75th. If you play with us, you'll experience more organization than is offered in most other squads. If you join us, you'll be expected to participate, both in creating the benefits of teamwork and enjoying them.

The website is brand new, and as such there are still several sections under construction. As my schedule permits, I will fill in the holes and continue to improve the site.

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